Sunday, March 26, 2006

Cliff Diving

Thursday was cliff diving day. I completed my sex ed survey and expect an armored vehicle delivery of Thalidomide on Monday. The thalidomide should put me to sleep, the dexamethasone should wake me up, the rat poison (warfarin) should keep my blood thin, prevent me from scavenging mindlessly for food and turning my friends in to the authorities for unlawful behavior.

The surreal seemingly healthy Scott is taking the plunge. I hate diving boards, heights and cliff diving in general. I've been watching the waves and pray that my timing is perfect.

My whirlwind vacation to the Oregon coast was spectacular - thanks Rosie and Mark! Our camp is in good order, but pulling with a mighty grip on my psyche to come relax, explore, build, fix and invent. It is a safe haven of delight and passion.

Just why is mister tennis, active, meditating, organic, ohm wow Scott who feels fine (except for the fatigue) got this nasty "incurable" blood cancer? Heck my Mom sent me to school with organic figs as snacks over 30 years ago. If anyone told you life was fair they were either delusional or attempting to delude you. Then on top of that add all the controversy theories about the AMA, FDA and big pharma into the mix and there is more than enough fear to kill anyone. Buy into just a little bit of the fear and look at complementary therapies (not even alternatives) and there is a mind numbing barrage of people who want your money because

"We are not the cheapest source, but we are the BEST source..."
"We refuse to carry low-cost, inferior quality..."
"No other company can match our skill, sophistication or experience when it comes to providing you with guaranteed potency, research quality,..."

Alternative cancer therapy is so full of clich├ęs that it makes me sick reading it. Maybe I'm just to logical.

Stop, breeth, seek peace and move forward.


Karen said...

I'm rooting for you, My Eloma Boy! Best of luck with the big truck of drugs. You be careful not to get pregnant, now.

Cancer Girl

Anonymous said...

Found your blog through Cancer Girl. Did you have to do the telephone survey to get your thalidomide? Have you done dex before? Get ready for CHEMO BRAIN!! Best of luck to you.

MAYASBOY said...

I've streamlined my revimid survey with speed dial and speaker phone. This way I can multi-task as I promise not to hand them out at my next party.

Please consider revisiting my blog. I've changed the title not knowing the word "die" would name the entire site. My daughter helped me change this public relations blunder.

We are now: A.C. and the Fabulous VBIRDS. Please stop by for a visit.