Wednesday, April 05, 2006


After driving my systemic rats to water with warfarin for a few days I started work on my Eloma. I took the Thalidomide and dexamethasone at 9 PM on Monday and fell deeply and peacefully to sleep by 10:30. At 6 the next morning when the alarm went off there was no way I going to get up and drive a car anywhere. I spent the rest of the day home driving my laptop from bed. No serious accidents!

Last night I moved the thal/dex to 7 PM, hoping that by 7 AM I might be able to drive. Well at 5 AM I had still not gotten a wink of sleep. Just a few night time highlights: the house is slightly cleaner, a few printer ink cartridges were messily refilled, there is an "under construction" web site for my doctor, proof read a few papers, there was a fierce battle against the digital entropy in my life and countless other manic expressions of over activity.

The oncology nurse wants me to get a couple hours of sleep and wake up and take the dex at about noon, then wash the windows, starting with the outside. That was a stupid idea without access to some serious sleeping pills. So now it is 12:30. I'm dosing up the dex and planning on going to sleep anyways.


Mom said...

What an adventure. I was laying in bed this morning thinking that perhaps the reason people develop deep vein thrombosis DVT is that they go to bed and are so knocked out that they fall asleep and do not move during their sleep. One normally does a lot of turning and moving during the night and their blood does not stagnate. My further thoughts went to solutions for this. I was thinking that Lu could get a cattle prod and periodically during the night give you a zap. Another solution might be to get a vibrating mattress pad or bed and then again perhaps you could train Marlee to give you full body massages during the night. Best of all we could give you Willow (black lab). She would do an excellent job and she gives good facials with that tongue of hers. Whatever.
Good morning and know how much I love you.

Anonymous said...

Richard had the best luck taking the dex in the AM and the thalidomide at about 9:00PM. Asleep by 10 and didn't move the entire night! The dex tends to wake him up. Taught fifth grade full time for most of it. It's terrible stuff, but got him a three year remission...and numb fingers and toes.

Mark said...

You're taking rat poison? That was news to me so I had to look the stuff up. Some of the more interesting trade names for products containing warfarin include d-Con, Dethmor, and Warfarat. These are probably cheaper than the stuff your pharmacist gives you. Warfarin - the attribution, sometimes quoted as fact even by doctors, to Wisconsin Anti-Rat Federation is folklore. Does your doctor know that?

So, you're taking rat poison and the flipper baby drug. Kind of makes the Rife advocates seem mainstream. You know something this bizarre has got to be effective.

Don't fall for the "make cash" comment someone left. You know Blackjack is the way to do that. Keep writing when you can.

tw said...

warfarat! that's hysterical.

hey, it's probably better than that ambien shit i took last week. supposed to make me sleep like a baby they said... well, if babies always wake up at 4:30am to vomit like they cants vomit no more, then i'd rather sleep like an adult. friggin ambien.

tw said...

this is too funny. my blog 'word verification' password is 'wootad'.

had to share.