Monday, April 24, 2006

Dex DTs

My Dex Delirium Tremens. Up, right, crazy, sleepy, dopey, dizzy, bitchy, dreamy, frustrated, fragile, manic, screaming, crying, laughing, shaking, skin crawling, tingling, itching drug induced whacked out dexamethasone withdrawal. Welcome to PMS, dex style. I apologize for even wondering all these years why after hundreds of periods every one is such a challenge. If they are anything like this I am oh so very sorry. You poor tortured beings. At 3 AM after taking hundreds of milligrams of somnolence (A condition of semiconsciousness approaching coma) inducing thalidomide I should be dead to the world. Fear not - that would be blissful.

A nice dex vacation is coming. I'm oh so very enthused by the simplest of life's pleasures, normalcy.

Blessed are the normal, for they will inherit my body. Scott 5:5

1 comment:

kt said...

hey Scott,

I think about you often.
... the blog is a great way to use all that energy!

interesting (scary) how far you had to go to see the mood swings that we manage to call life..... except that ours end in a day or three.

I hope yours are worth it, and progress is being made