Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Dex Pirate

Arr Matey
It's ben fer ours n I'm lookin fer sumtin ta stick.


Karen said...


Lu said...

Ha HA matees, I successfully have become a "team member" of Scott's and I am taking over the ship (or sort of). Women should be captains anyways!! Arrgh.

First things first...my blog's purpose (See Dward Lu for further details). I wanted to keep everyone up to date with important info on My-Eloma (yes, he is MINE) and also clear up any confusion you might have been experiencing. Let's work together and keep the dialog running...because this info blab is just plain exhausting.

And another thing, I hate the fact that everytime I read Scott's blog and click on his true love (which I assumed was me....silly) I see Samantha. Who is she anyways, Scott??

Anonymous said...

Having watched a vast amount of sci-fi/horror films with biologically engineered super soliders all they really need to do is feed them full of dex and let them loose. The enemy wouldn't know what hit them! Maybe the story line wouldn't be much cop though - it would be too unbelievable! ;D