Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Pied Piper of Wood Ward

The Pied Piper of Wood Ward has left with all the rats. His friend Ned (No Evidence of Disease) is asking for compensation. I'm paying him handsomely! There is a minor infestation of varmints in my bone marrow. We are negotiating the terms, discussing side effects and outlining a payment schedule. While Ned and my Cancer Care Coordinator (CCC) do their thing I'm planning a life rich in passion, meaning and purpose.

The 8 day Dex holiday was absolutely glorious. Ned took care of my CBC, which unfortunately doesn't mean much when it comes to myeloma, but it sure means a lot to me. I had more energy, enthusiasm and zest than I have in a very long time. No anemia! If Ned handles the 3 liters of piss I dropped off on Monday and blood they sucked we be having a party!

The Pied Piper was a bit to effective. Apparently the rat poison is really starting to kick in. The oncologist called at about 9 PM - cut the poison boy, yer gonna bruise and bleed to easily, be careful and call in the morning!

Yah - I'm on Dex. I'm posting again. Only slightly manic. I can't shut up, sorry.

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rosebud said...

Keep talking. It's hot.