Saturday, May 27, 2006

Tiger Dancing

After a week of dancing with the big cats (or soon to grow up and be big cats) at CARE Lu and I ventured off to Hot Springs Arkansas. The boyhood home of President Bill Clinton. We stayed at the Arlington Hotel and treated ourselves to daily medicinal baths and massages. Being old rock hounds the quartz crystal capital of the world proved to be true to its name. We had a blast touring the Arkansas back country, numerous rock shops and the Hot Springs National Park.

I am looking forward to a couple oncologist visits and delving into the next phase of this maintenance therapy. What I would give to say goodbye to dex!

Might I recommend: Instant Emotional Healing: Acupressure for the Emotions, by George Pratt, Peter Lambrou. As I slowly incorporate the technique life is improving. Of course the big dex fueled combat with Lu about money has humbled my progress considerably.


Anonymous said...

Great photo. Does dex make you want to shop? When Richard is "under the influence" he's worse than any woman. He's on prednisone now and that's almost as bad!

Laughing Plasma said...

It is a good thing shopping is one thing I actually dislike or Lu and I would never be home. I'm now on 1 dose every 8 days instead of 4 doses. Yeee Haaa!