Saturday, June 17, 2006

9 Dex Days to Go

I'm psyching myself up for the 9 remaining dex days. It is much easier to do with Ned's and the Pied Piper's help. Last night we had a great celebration with an old group of friends. A joint wedding, remission, house warming reconnection. I even lost myself into a pleasant glass of Australian shiraz and savored a small piece of tenderloin. Near complete remission is nearly a vacation. Clearly a celebration as far as I'm concerned.

My brother Mark's mega estate sale over the weekend was an event to behold. Hundreds of people, cold rain and wind, but none-the-less a phenomenally successful family reunion. It was worth the 8 hour drive to and from. I still keep trying that "Beam me up Scotty" thing. Unfortunately I keep getting moans and groans from engineering about the malfunctioning widget I can't pronounce.

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