Monday, June 26, 2006

The Baby Boy's Bought a House

It is just amazing to me that Geoff owns a house. Now it is a family affair turning it into a home. Lu is in her glory. There are plenty of projects to keep me excited. Boy is it ever fun to spend his money. Range, dishwasher, carpets and on and on and on. Now if Geoff could just get by without that second job we would have more time for golf, grilling and general male slug-like behavior. The Buffalo Craig's list treated Geoff to a 34" rediculously heavy Sony TV that will require help from someone besides me to get into his bed room. Last week he found a virtually new GE range. Craig's list is awesome. Of course Lu and I get involved so while getting that TV we came home with a Nordic trak elliptical trainer for me, and a sofa and 2 chairs which Lu says we need to "lighten up" the living room. That was not the plan. I'm sure I will spend plenty of time on the sofa. I wonder if it will be appropriately balanced by time on the trainer.

We are looking for a new bed. How come it is almost impossible to figure out what is inside a mattress, whether it will last, or better yet if it is a reasonable deal? We found 3 places that sell Serta beds. None of them are exactly the same model - the prices are about the same. I bet it is a conspiracy by Serta to keep retailers happy and customers in the dark - or at least asleep.

I'm just loving Ned these days. My energy is slowly returning. My enthusiasm is a bit ahead of my ability, but I'm smiling most of the time.

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