Thursday, June 01, 2006

My Laughter Continues

The good Doctor Onco granted my wish and switched me to low dose buzz me out, manic inducing, bone eating, eye deteriorating, skin blotching, DT inducing, dexamethazone. I am so looking forward to kissing this drug goodbye. Now I go to the myeloma specialist on Tuesday for the latest gossip and prognosis on Scott's laughing plasma cells.

The 9 vials of blood and 4 liters of piss investigated on Tuesday all confirmed earlier suspicions of a partial remission. Although this time it was not 90% I’ll take the difference as the normal random we suck at getting accurate results syndrome. Ned still has some work to do, but in no way am I walking out our bargain. Play that tune, call those plasma cells and enlighten my immune system Mr. Pied Piper!

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