Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Ned's M-Spike

The word of the day "complete remission" My wonderful myeloma expert looked at the multitude of evidence and said "There is no evidence of myeloma in your blood. There is no detectable M-spike in your serum" The "M-Spike" is found via a laboratory test known as serum protein electrophoresis which looks for abnormal immunoglobulin (proteins) in the blood. It is nice to know that I don't have any detectable abnormal proteins in my blood.

I'll be back after my 4th cycle in late July for a more thorough prodding, poking, bone boring and picture taking. In the mean time I'm going to take the news to heart and smile to the point of tears! I love Ned. I am now taking dex with half the frequency. A treat for all my friends, wife and me.

Now Ned has to work on all the remaining evidence. He has almost 2 months to finish up. No abnormal cells in the bone marrow aspirate, no protein in the urine, no holes in the bones!


Anonymous said...

Oh-my- God!!!!!!!! love, rosie

Karen said...

Woo hoo!!!!!!!

Beth said...

What does the bone marrow biopsy say?