Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Hip Tap

Not to be confused with Spinal Tap, Hip Tap is creepy in a different sort of way. A day, several vials of blood, a gallon of piss and a few grams bone marrow later I feel fine. That is if nothing touches my hip. I'll let you know in a week what they tell me about all those bodily fluids. The good doctor agreed to stain me my very own slide from the "This is Hip Tap" biopsy. I see a potential album cover in the making. I can't wait.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Summer Fun

We have had a wonderful excursion to Oregon following the best funeral I have ever attended. What an odd thing to say about a funeral... Lynn touched so many people in a profound way. God Bless you Lynn you are in my thoughts and prayers regularly.

In one of Lu's amazing feats of manifestation she managed to reschedule our flight out of Albany to just after the service out of Buffalo. Even though I have come to expect such heroics I continue to be in awe when it happens. We arrived in Portland, got in a brand new Outback and drove to a yurt on the coast.

Rockaway Beach has the hokiest 4th of July parade I have ever been to. I love seeing people having a great time and boy does this little town have spirit. Everything from Kids throwing candy to families doing the lawn chair macarena

That evening we sat on a gorgeous beach watching fireworks for as far as you can see in both directions with great friends.

Next Lu drove me to Breitenbush Hot Springs for a couple days of R & R in the Cascades. Lu had reserved a cabin tucked away in the old growth forest complete with 3 organic meals a day and numerous natural pools and saunas for me to soak away my worries. I'm still a porky white boy that shrivels up like a prune and loves to be pampered.

After a couple days in Breitenbush we headed back to Portland for a Myeloma Patient and Family Seminar sponsored by the International Myeloma Foundation. It was both moving and highly informative. The physicians were accessible, compassionate and knowledgeable. I tip my hat to their dedication and highly recommend anyone with myeloma to go the extra mile to attend one of the these seminars. I had seemingly unlimited time with the top researchers in the field who answered all my questions (and everyone else's) always leaving me feeling respected and care for.

After the 2 day seminar we headed to Eugene for some much appreciated time in the care of Lu's Mom. We arrived back in Buffalo after the red eye out of Portland on Tuesday. I worked a couple days and then jumped in the car Friday afternoon and am now relaxing at our camp in Battenville for a long weekend.