Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Ned's Progress

No Evidence of Disease might be a bit dissipative, but boy it sure does feel good. Of course being without those nasty Thal/Dex side effects for a few days is just grand. I have reached a new peak in my blood's oxygen carrying capacity as well. Yet another euphoric inducement to my mood. No detectable serum or urine M-spike, normal beta-2, normal RBC, normal plasma loading in my marrow... just a slight elevation of my lambda free light-chain protein expression and some ugly plasma cells in that slide I told you about last week. So if that didn't make much sense not to worry you got the implication I'm sure.

What now you might ask. Why, another trip before the semester and 2 cycles of pulsed Thal/Dex starts at the end of the month. The students will love the Dex days and won't even notice the Thal days. I certainly will bring a new passion and perspective to all those rather calculated and analytical engineers. It will be a transforming experience for all of us I am sure.