Friday, September 08, 2006

Summer is Over

Yeah Yeah Yeah - I know it's obvious, but it ended rather abruptly for me. I don't believe I have ever felt the transition like I did this year. One would think that after 42 years of school (yup that's right I haven't missed a year since I was 5) I should have gotten used to it. The August chemo holiday to be followed by 2 more months of the Dex Pirate is toying with my psyche.

Case in point: I am all freeked out about every little sensation and abnormality a body can throw at you. I look in the mirror a few weeks ago and see a bazzion little red dots on my skin. Lu looks at me and says "They look like red stars. Maybe we can connect the dots to make constellations or maybe there is a hidden message. Sorta like the 'Exorcist'" Lots of sympathy there! So I lift up my shirt and show my ever compassionate understanding oncologist. He fains interest, backs away toward the wall and says "Old man spots. Get over it" Not every twitch, tingle and growth in my body is myeloma related I guess. In fact very few are, despite my heightened attentiveness.

There are over 200 students in my class this year. What's up with that? Do I grade to easy? Has an "Introduction to Computers and Instrumentation" suddenly become a prerequisite to a decent paying job? I plan on enjoying it and taking as many of the students along for the ride as I can.

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