Monday, October 30, 2006

Ned's Party

It's party time at Scott's Bone Castle. Gangster rap genre with the band Hip Tap. A special appearance by vocalist Marrow Aspirate accompanied by the Pied Piper of Wood Ward. Ned is the MC. There will be unlimited Bloody Marys for the ghoulish and urine yellow lemon spritzers for the pissed off. Epi Demon is in charge of the environmental effects, lighting, decorations, fog machine... Jean Expression, Epi's side kick, does most of real work so be sure to thank her. Imuno Modulation is catering the gala - totally organic, antioxidant rich, feel good fare with decadent deserts.

It promises to be a festive merrymaking of revelry and jollification. A celebration of Ned's successful feasting in my bones and blood.

A true hoedown honoring No Evidence of Disease (NED) found today in my blood, urine or bone density. No more drugs, no more chemotherapy, no more doctors! Yea Ha.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Weight and Sea

Yes I was touched by the humility and compassion of His Holiness. Just what part was touched I'm not sure. It has been much more than a week since I last touched this blog - sorry about that. My last 2 months of therapy are now over. I find out on Monday were I stand as I travel into the twilight zone of "Weight and Sea." Gravity is different there.