Friday, November 24, 2006

PDT Syndrome

I do just love this PDT (Proud Dad Thing) syndrome. My boy owns a home and can put together an awesome Thanksgiving dinner. A little over a year ago he was desperately searching for a job in his field (computer science) while tending bar at Bennigan's Grill. I am still grinning ear to ear when I remember yesterday.

Then there are my PDT daughter issues. She dumped Mr. Conservative for Mr. Wild N. Crazy. I can't help but hug her and bask in the euphoria exuding from her pores. She is my little girl after all and nothing can change that. I had a few sleepless nights about 15 years ago when Mr. Crazy was corrupting my unspoiled daughter with his rebellious ways. Apparently if you make it through your twenties, avoid run-ins with the law and otherwise succeed in life one shouldn't be judged by your 16 year old self. Life is interesting that way. Fatherhood is challenging that way :-)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Day

I tend to share with those of like mind. It's a lot safer that way. So I'll spare you from yet another rant. This is an educational blog. You all know just a bit more about me now. Of course that might not be one of your important aspirations in life. Education is key to an informed electorate though. Just think you are smarter now - I hope you didn't vote for any of the idiots... oops, I almost ranted. I hope you voted!

Call For Change