Friday, January 05, 2007

Myeloma Monkey

The ever present myeloma monkey jumps, screams, dances and sleeps on my back now. A year ago today I learned about the holes in my head, the state of my marrow and the trauma that such knowledge can bring. I now play more often with my monkey than I ever thought possible on that fitful day one year ago. I have learned a new language, myeloma monkey speak, which is full of acronyms and unusual phrasing. For example, my M-spike is quite normal these days (M is for My Monkey's Monoclonal protein expression from My Malignant Marrow) After 6 months of crazed chemo I am waiting and watching to see what my monkey-spike does. Let pray that the monkey stays asleep.

I'll spare you the 2006 monkey minded end of the year recap. We did lots of really intense stuff.