Thursday, April 19, 2007

Should I?

PM Buffalo, 4-5 a week from Monday. Live TV. Never dun nuttin like dat. I darn sure I cud do my self real good.

I suppose I could talk myself into a tizzy and blunder fabulously. I'll make the call and attempt to hold the drama at bay.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Rosana Rosanadana

So I'm asked to be on a "panel" at the Worldwide Gilda's Club annual meeting today. I'm a reasonably articulate engineer type. I make a living teaching... "Sure, I'd be glad to."

So there I am on stage in a comfy chair with my wife, Lu, to my the right and a few friends. Talk show, aka David Letterman, style. A small studio audience of about a hundred. Half the size of my fall "Intro to Computers and Instrumentation" class.

Start of the show, Letterman lobs the softball, "What does Gilda's mean to you." I start with "I'm an engineer. A pretty accomplished control freak. Behind that Red Door"... long pause, composure crumbling.......... tears streaming down my face, all choked up, I look up and see everyone else has joined in the fun. As Rosana Rosanadana would put it, "I thought I was gonna die!" I just hand the mic to Lu who gives me that "Thanks a lot, how am I supposed to follow that!" look. Needless to say I guess my message got across without actually having to say anything.

So after a standing ovation and a real talk show offer I'm not totally ashamed.

You want an idea of what Gilda's has to offer? Put yourself in the car, nice summer day, cruising along and all the sudden there's a squirrel right in front of you. Frozen, no darting, frozen, darting, back in your lane, gone -- your nails are dug into the wheel, the FREAKED ADRENALINE RUSH is passing.

Well I'm the squirrel. I look up, there is this enormous thundering beast with Myeloma scrolled across the grill barreling down on me at 60 MPH. I can't run, I'm paralyzed, spassed out, out of control, can't fix it, what to do - oh shit. Gone. Unfortunately I gotta cross that road every day, about 50 times. It's not an expressway thank God. Most of the time there aren't even any cars. I might even go a day without a bit of traffic.

I go to Gilda's to hang with the squirrels. To laugh a lot as you can imagine us squirrel like to do. The traffic takes its toll, but us squirrels got a way of pulling together and finding those acorns.

"Never mind."

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Native Spirit

Unga Unga!

Just what is it about spontaneous expression of ones soul that livens the spirit? Is it our uniqueness that is the enduring distinct entity, the spiritual part that longs for resurrection not just on Easter, but every day?

Well don't turn to me for answers. It is that very uniqueness that I struggle to uncover, to resurrect from my depths and bring to life. That creative spear chucking native spirit is coming out to play.

Some summer weather would help with the new look, but I'll go with the Eskimo genre on this snowy Easter.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Relative Strangler

Yup I got strangled big time. What on earth made me wait 86 minutes for "Relative Strangers" to never get any better? In the big picture I guess I've wasted countless 86 minute stretches of life, but at my age? After so much practice. Come on, Scott. What on earth got into you? You own a perfectly fine remote - just one click. It's OK you've also wasted 3 bucks before, it can't be the rental charge.

I just wanted to laugh a bit after all the hysteria surrounding my court case. Any suggestions? I like a dry merlot humor with a hint of sex.

I gave my final exam today. A cross registered grad/undergrad class, Cardiovascular Biomechanics. How come all the undergrads felt compelled to ignore questions and finish the exam before any of the grads? Something about the math questions seemed to scramble their brains. Couldn't have been the instructor could it?

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Mr. Sandman Brought Me a Dream

Click here to sing along...

Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream
Make me the happiest that I've ever been
Give me new bones strong as bulldozers
Then tell me that my fearful nights are over.
Sandman, I'm not alone
I have somebody to call my own
Please turn on your magic beam
Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream.

Mr. Sandman, brought me a dream.
Made me the happiest that I've ever been
Gave me the word that my kidneys are safe
Then told me that my labs were just chafe

Mr. Sandman, I'm not alone
I've got someone to call my own
I'm the luckiest you've ever seen
Mr. Sandman, brought me a dream

Mr. Sandman bring me a dream
Tell Lu her pair of eyes have a "come-hither" gleam
I've not a lonely heart like Pagliacci
but a throbbing one like Liberace

Mr. Sandman, someone to hold
Would be so peachy before we're to old
So please turn on your magic beam
Mr. Sandman, bring us, please, please, please
Mr. Sandman, bring us a dream

Monday, April 02, 2007

Mr. Sand Man Sent me a Beach

He sprinkled sand like you wouldn't believe. I went to inspect the new septic system at the camp. We now have a hay covered beach want-a-be right next to the deck. It's hard to get all freaked out over sand, but this is weird. I wasn't expecting the side yard to be 3 feet higher. Truth be told I didn't really think about it. I just figured the lawn would be a mess and we would deal with it.

It needs pink flamingos and a pony to eat the hay.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Green Day

Should it be "Green Day" or "Shoot the Ground Hog"? In short I'm feeling that grey, torrential, thunderous gloom of when is spring gonna get it's shit together. (Maybe the long rain streaks on the French door screen combined with the continual heavenly reports is having a visceral effect on me.) The folksy weather predicting ground hog should be shot! It's April fools day for God's sake. Yes the lawn is feeling it, but I am a bit more judgmental. Cold wet oppressive weather with longer daylight hours just isn't doing it for me. All the sudden that brownish grey grip of winter is shattered and poof the grass turns that rich almost kelly green, a bragging of sorts. It's my turn to brag already. If you live with shorter (or non-existent) winters don't tell me about! Firstly, I don't want pity and secondly I just might go into a funk - and blame you.

We closed on a lake front piece of heaven on earth on Lu's birthday (how fortuitous!) a couple months ago. I've got a serious itch for those idyllic warm low humidity long summer day. I learned there is no recorded temperature above 100 in Buffalo (we have hit 99F) and the lakes (usually) keep the humidity comfortably low.

Come on let me have it.

gimme gimme gimme,
whine whimper stomp and pout
can't you hear me shout!