Sunday, April 01, 2007

Green Day

Should it be "Green Day" or "Shoot the Ground Hog"? In short I'm feeling that grey, torrential, thunderous gloom of when is spring gonna get it's shit together. (Maybe the long rain streaks on the French door screen combined with the continual heavenly reports is having a visceral effect on me.) The folksy weather predicting ground hog should be shot! It's April fools day for God's sake. Yes the lawn is feeling it, but I am a bit more judgmental. Cold wet oppressive weather with longer daylight hours just isn't doing it for me. All the sudden that brownish grey grip of winter is shattered and poof the grass turns that rich almost kelly green, a bragging of sorts. It's my turn to brag already. If you live with shorter (or non-existent) winters don't tell me about! Firstly, I don't want pity and secondly I just might go into a funk - and blame you.

We closed on a lake front piece of heaven on earth on Lu's birthday (how fortuitous!) a couple months ago. I've got a serious itch for those idyllic warm low humidity long summer day. I learned there is no recorded temperature above 100 in Buffalo (we have hit 99F) and the lakes (usually) keep the humidity comfortably low.

Come on let me have it.

gimme gimme gimme,
whine whimper stomp and pout
can't you hear me shout!

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