Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Rosana Rosanadana

So I'm asked to be on a "panel" at the Worldwide Gilda's Club annual meeting today. I'm a reasonably articulate engineer type. I make a living teaching... "Sure, I'd be glad to."

So there I am on stage in a comfy chair with my wife, Lu, to my the right and a few friends. Talk show, aka David Letterman, style. A small studio audience of about a hundred. Half the size of my fall "Intro to Computers and Instrumentation" class.

Start of the show, Letterman lobs the softball, "What does Gilda's mean to you." I start with "I'm an engineer. A pretty accomplished control freak. Behind that Red Door"... long pause, composure crumbling.......... tears streaming down my face, all choked up, I look up and see everyone else has joined in the fun. As Rosana Rosanadana would put it, "I thought I was gonna die!" I just hand the mic to Lu who gives me that "Thanks a lot, how am I supposed to follow that!" look. Needless to say I guess my message got across without actually having to say anything.

So after a standing ovation and a real talk show offer I'm not totally ashamed.

You want an idea of what Gilda's has to offer? Put yourself in the car, nice summer day, cruising along and all the sudden there's a squirrel right in front of you. Frozen, no darting, frozen, darting, back in your lane, gone -- your nails are dug into the wheel, the FREAKED ADRENALINE RUSH is passing.

Well I'm the squirrel. I look up, there is this enormous thundering beast with Myeloma scrolled across the grill barreling down on me at 60 MPH. I can't run, I'm paralyzed, spassed out, out of control, can't fix it, what to do - oh shit. Gone. Unfortunately I gotta cross that road every day, about 50 times. It's not an expressway thank God. Most of the time there aren't even any cars. I might even go a day without a bit of traffic.

I go to Gilda's to hang with the squirrels. To laugh a lot as you can imagine us squirrel like to do. The traffic takes its toll, but us squirrels got a way of pulling together and finding those acorns.

"Never mind."

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