Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Orange Buckets

It is nice to not have to leave my office to pee. My handy orange bucket is safely tucked away in my back pack. I wonder what my lab tech does with these jugs of lemonade. Do they have a lab pool to see who gets the honor. Maybe rocks, paper, scissors? It could be a desirable test because it takes so long. All the centrifuging and separating and waiting...

So in another week and a half I'll let you know what they found. A vacation in the meanwhile sounds good to me.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Standing Ovation

On Tuesday Lu and I attended the annual Gilda's Club Western New York benefactors awards luncheon. Nice lunch, sorta boring awards descriptions and acceptance speeches. It closes with a 3-4 minute talk from a club member, my wife Lu.

Skipping and paraphrasing her message: Have you ever been driving along on a rather normal morning and suddenly wham your in a bank of fog so thick you can't see out of the car. Your panicked... should I stop, no I'll get rearended... should I pull over, where is the road? am I on the road? am I going to crash into something. freaked... panicked... scared... Well on December 27, 2005 when the doctor said to Scott you have multiple myeloma, I drove into the thickest bank of fog I have ever known. Stranded, alone and scared in a fog so thick I couldn't even think.

Then there are tail lights, faintly glowing red in the fog. Some sense of relief, I'm not alone. Those red tail lights are like the Red Door at Gilda's Club. A light in the fog. A place where I am not alone in this fog.


Well as she walked off stage I stood tears streaming and reached out for a hug. What I next saw was 700 hundred people all standing, many crying, all clapping.

It was a moving way to say thank you to all those benefactors who help make Gilda's Club a sanctuary of hope and companionship for those of us touched by cancer.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Hot Springs

Well I was a smash hit on PM Buffalo. Two fine sentences without any major grammatical errors or embarrassing blunders.

Then we left for Hot Springs Arkansas to boil my blood. Oh golly what a grand opulent pampered luxurious adventure. Thermal waters pumped right into our hotel room. Three baths a day, in addition to the pool, hot tub, and of course quartz crystal mining. Being the rock hounds that we are there was plenty of barking at the moon.

Drove right by and waved at the Little Rock medical center and Mr. Myeloma and his Total Therapy III. I'm not up for total therapy. In fact I want as little therapy as possible.