Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Trial Tests

I had yet another skeletal survey yesterday. Why 50 more pictures where needed is of questionable efficacy. Maybe low level radiation is linked to myeloma and this is all a big scam. They through in a chest x-ray for good measure. If I am not glowing today I never will. The EKG indicates I still have a functioning heart. The physical indicated I am indeed physically present (and reasonably healthy). I studied hard for the pee and blood tests so I should be able to start the trial in about a week.

We switched to a Tuesday morning & Friday after class schedule (so I can continue to escape on the weekends).

This past weekend my soul was touched by many dear old friends. It is absolutely wonderful to be graced with life long friends.


Don said...

Funny - I have to ask for skeletal surveys - even had my GP order one when my onc didn't want to. Seems to me it's the best way to know whether bones are being damaged, but two surveys in two months does seem like overkill (is that a bad word?).

I'm excited about your trial! I know - easier for me than you, since I don't have to do it. I hope you get the mapatumumab arm. In any case Velcade is a powerful agent - you might achieve a CR on that alone.

Best to you - we do watch your blog.

you know who said...

as long as they're only touching your soul, my love..

Anonymous said...


New to your blog - got Lu's email and stopped by. Sounds like you caught a break with the clinical stuff.

Love you both,
Franki (comma) Bill

Anonymous said...

We have followed your blog, but not managed to leave a comment (something about a missing plugin on my Linux system :-) Finally got that sorted out. Good luck with Velcade, Snot.
Send our regards to Glue.

Peter and Mari