Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Velcade often causes gas (and worse blowouts). It is a potent chemical weapon causing facial contortions. So I have the week off. (from Roswell at least!) We celebrated with a quick trip to the Adirondack balloon festival this past weekend.

There is nothing more wonderful than being surrounded by love and laughter. Friends and family from all over the country made for a weekend I'll always remember.

My nephews specialize in anarchy. So I got the younger one a CB radio for his birthday. We built a fire to destroy things in. I think explosives are needed. Ma and Dad 'll appreciate that I'm sure. They live 3000 miles away so we should be safe on the east coast.


Don said...

Thanks to you (and others) I'm learning more and more about Velcade. Think I'll try Revlimid instead! :-)

That balloon festival looks delightful. Good for you


Sunshine said...

Appreciate your writing. Keep us posted on your progress.

shira said...

What an awesome idea to go to a balloon festival...Looks like a ton of fun.

Looking forward to reading more of your blog.