Thursday, November 29, 2007

Immune Function and Meditation

I went on a quick search for clinical studies of mindfulness-based stress reduction with quantitative measures of immune function. It is probably not surprising that if you have less stress your immune system will be more effective. A group of people enrolled in a MBSR program responded to a flu vaccine with higher antibody expression than the control group (the poor soles that got wait listed for enrollment in the next MBSR program). [ref] There is also evidence that plasma lactate levels are reduced as well as a significant myeloma prognostic indicator the acetylcholinesterase gene (ACE). [ref]

Some food for thought before meditating...


Margaret said...

Makes a lot of sense. So many cancers are tied to stress in some form or fashion. Why should myeloma be the exception? I have been working too much lately to focus much on meditation and qigong, but I am going to make that my New Year's resolution! More meditation, more qigong! Yep. Btw, just wanted to let you know that the EBSCO link doesn't work for us regular folks (or for me, at least). Could you possibly post the relevant parts of that study (once your electricity is back, that is...)? I'd love to take a look at it.
Thanks! :-) Margaret in Florence

L.P. Cells said...

Sorry about that link. The "persistent" link appears to still need a login ID... so I used the Pubmed link instead.

Thanks for pointing it out.