Friday, November 23, 2007

Keeping an Open Mind

My oncologist (and I) are of the belief that the likelyhood a single agent being the magic bullet for what ails me it slim to none. That being said I concur with several other blogger's throw everything (including the kitchen sink) at it. I.e. Don's Program. As you will quickly see the stamina and discipline Don has can be awe inspiring. So to not let that induce any stress I realized as I was again overeating the day after Thanksgiving while sitting in front of nice crackling fire after a quick event free dose of hand candy that fungus from my firewood just might be helping. Chaetocin, a small-molecule natural product produced by wood fungi, has shown promising anti-myeloma effects. There are currently several chemicals that are structurally similar to this in clinical or pre-clinical trial for myeloma. I guess keeping an open mind and not letting a little mold, fungus or other weird stuff get you down is important.

Chaetocin: a promising new antimyeloma agent with in vitro and in vivo activity mediated via imposition of oxidative stress,

Thomas H. Huxley
"The great tragedy of Science - the slaying of a beautiful hypothesis by an ugly fact."


Don said...

OOooo I LOVE this one! Very exciting, chaetocin. I wonder if we know enough about it to try it, if we can find it somewhere. :-)

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