Sunday, November 25, 2007

Mind Body Practices & Stress

I try to keep this blog lite and humerus. It certainly helps my level of stress. Here is a rant that is lite on the humor...

There is a ton of scientific data demonstrating that the chemical messengers coming from our brain cells carry messages to the immune cells. The reverse is also true. Our immune cells release messenger molecules which the nervous system uses to provide feedback information to the brain or other organ systems. Dr. David Simon likes to use the phrase, "Our immune cells are eavesdropping on our internal conversation." If this is indeed the case what can one do to enhance this internal dialog to strengthen our immune system.

Diet: Remember the phrase "You are what you eat." I believe there are many more levels to that than nutritional. How was what you are eating created? Was it mass produced and then slaughtered ruthlessly or grown by a local farmer who shares your values? What you consume effects the whole planet as well as your body. I call it mindful munching. There are several MM bloggers seriously minding their munching. I just read a pretty convincing article "Surviving Against All Odds: Analysis of 6 Case Studies of Patients With Cancer Who Followed the Gerson Therapy" Gerson therapy is an example of extremely mindful munching. This review clearly implicates a connection between what we eat and tumor progression. Case 4 was a remotely related malignancy, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, which was graded at stage IIIa in 1999 and as of August 2001 has been judged free of disease.

Meditation: Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) is the most frequently found term in the medical literature relating to "meditation" and cancer. I could find no articles in which negative efficacy was attributed to cancer patients enrolled in a MBSR. Although very few well controlled studies have been done the literature reviews [1, 2] place the techniques in a favorable light suggesting potential benefit in the oncology setting. It is my belief that quieting the mind on a regular basis will send calming signals to the immune system. On that note I guess emotional toxins probably lead to physical toxicity as well.

Thats enough for one day don't you think?

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