Saturday, November 24, 2007

Peekaboo Where are You?

Marlee was upset that she couldn't Skype her distant cousins in Italy, Peekaboo, Priscilla, Puzzola & P???. When Margaret gets Skype up and running, Marlee wants to be the first to make contact. The chillins got to talk with Gramma in Oregon and that made her very jealous, so she put on her prissy Mar-LEE Anne attitude and sulked in front of the Skype camera until the heat of the wood stove thawed her resolve.

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Margaret said...

Hey, cute Marlee, Priscilla meowing here. You look just like me! (The fourth cat's name is Piccolo, by the way.) Well, Skype isn't in our immediate future, but you will be the first to know if and when we get it! Miaooo and ciaooo from Priscilla (and Margaret, who can touch-type better than I can) in Italy