Monday, November 12, 2007


"An extreme form of seasonality is manifested as the clinical syndrome of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) with carbohydrate craving, hypersomnia, lethargy,and..." [ref] So now I know why comfort food needs to be loaded with carbs, tastes best in the winter and that I should figure out how to work from the Caribbean from October to April. As a counter measure until I figure the last part I take Vitamin D3. Along with it the team of experts sucks plenty of blood (a couple times a week) to make sure I'm not screwing anything up.

Combine SAD with hot flashes and you get the 5 dwarfs: Weepy, Piggy, Bloaty, Bitchy and Crampy. Two of the dwarfs, Horny and Red-Tide are in the Caribbean.

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