Friday, November 16, 2007

Speed Record

Roswell broke a speed record today. In and out in an hour. I don't think I've ever spent an hour on the can, but if this trend keeps up there won't be any worrying going on either. On Friday evenings the place is dead. No backups anywhere. I like deserted.
To average all things out we went to Chesters (Cajun) for dinner and waited forever for a table. We decided to not go there on Fridays last week. Brain Fart. Great food and friends are the ultimate anesthetic. I probably won't remember how long the wait was the next time they call either.
Velcade does a nice job of screwing with platelet counts. During treatment they drop precipitously and then pop back up during the week off. My RBC (red blood cell count) is unfortunately steadily dropping. I have to wait a couple more weeks to see the important markers.

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Sunshine said...

Truly a gift .. sharing your experience.. your life.. the graphics of results.
We read with our hearts these days.