Thursday, December 06, 2007

5% Memory Rule

I have a great team of caring and attentive cancer care providers. The most important of which is my primary Cancer Care Coordinator (CCC), Lu (who also happens to be my wife). If you read my last post you might be able to infer that Tuesday was pretty disappointing. I put a lot of time, energy and hope into my treatment. It didn't work - at all. It might even have made things worse. That sucks. All that being said, the good Dr. looks at me and says "You won't remember 5% of what has happened here, but stop and listen to this. It is the only thing that is important. Your doing great. Your healthy. You don't have to think about any of this until next year. It's my job to be ready for you when you come back. Now go home and have a great Holiday Season." He went on and mumbled something about MM progresses and regresses. This is normal... blah blah blah. Sorta like Charlie Brown's mom.

I have been playing that tune all day. I am so psyched to not have to deal with all the headaches of treatment and feeling like shit afterwards. Merry Christmas to me. Ya God. Thank you thank you thank you.

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