Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Yup that's right, no more nasty drugs until next year! No trip to the infusion clinic today! My plasma cells laughed at Velcade and had a party with mapatumumab (HGS1012). I was booted from the study due to "progressive disease". The indicator of distinction was the growth of the hole in my head from 2.2 to 3.5 cm in the 12 weeks I was on the study. I guess it's time to stop using it as an excuse for this mental drool you're reading.

Guess what I got to bring home with me today... the GRN163L clinical trial protocol. This is a single agent Phase I does escolation study with a weekly 2 hour infusion (and clinical trial related blood work, etc. etc. etc.) Although there is a relatively short history with GRN163L my impression after spending a considerable amount of time with the research nurse and oncologist was the side effects appear pretty tame and the potential efficacy being significant (at least for the CLL Trial). A single patient (out of about a dozen) experienced poor blood clotting ability (PT/INR).

There is no clinical MM efficacy to relay as the study has not yet recruited a single patient.


Margaret said...

Is that 3.5 centimeters OR millimeters? Well, whatever, your being booted off the trial is a real bummer. Don't you dare get discouraged, though, you hear me? Lots of new things coming out, etc.
I, for instance, have high hopes for the DMAPT trial, which should be starting soon in the UK. I mean, there is no point in trimming branches if the roots are still there. Right? So let's hope DMAPT will pull out some of these darned roots.
You keep laughing,
Margaret :-)
Florence, Italy

formerblueguy said...

Yes... keep the faith. I will pray for you. Are you going to go forward with that GRN163L trial?

Anonymous said...

I hear good thing about GRN163L, Good luck to you!!