Tuesday, December 18, 2007


If you happen to live in (or drive through) suburbia USA this time of year you will know to what extreme decorating can be taken. Every town seems to have its notorious houses or in some cases streets. Just think if you would like to dedicate several months a year and a significant portion of your income you too could become a tourist attraction:
Ah the beauty of opulent over expression, OCD, and a love of electricity.

Instead I have a tiny 3 foot tree top (what I left behind will live...) from the back 40 decorated with colored rice lights. I find sanctuary in the simplicity. Then again there won't be any kids (or grandchildren) that need spoiling this year. :-)


Barb said...

Holy Jesus...that was amazing!

Sunshine said...

Wow, you saved us going out for a ride to see decorations!