Tuesday, December 11, 2007

New GP

I regularly visit a fancy new state of the art cancer institute, Roswell Park. Next door is Buffalo General Hospital. A facility in every state from ancient to the Jetsons. The last time I was there was as a MRI research subject to test, calibrate and fine tune their brand new suite of MRI machines. They gave me a really cool CD of my head for my efforts. Unfortunately the clinic I visited was last updated in the 70's. Unfortunate in that it prejudiced my mood and expectations. Sorta gave me the creeps. I used lots of Purell. It then took about half of the hour plus that the doc spent with me to realize he was respectful, really listening, thinking and giving me good advise.

In short, recent RBS (restless body syndrome) is not because of sugar control issues and probably not because of drugs. How about spending too much time in a lousy bed because I'm fatigued with too much stress because I don't like having myeloma any more. Hmmm Well I'm sure you'll find out if the myriad of orders I got has any effect. A few hours after leaving the clinic I spent an hour with my therapist. I'm fixed now. All better. I wonder what shape I'll be in by this time tomorrow...

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Barb said...

Thank you, Scott. For your comment on my blog! :)
Two things cropped onto my radar in the last day...crazy sexy cancer's blog entry for today...EXCELLENT! And check out www.thework.com I wonder what you'll think.
Love and stuff, Barb