Saturday, December 08, 2007

Stem Cells

There just happens to be a meeting in Atlanta, ASH - American Society of Hematology, where a large number of MM researchers and clinicians are spending the weekend. If you have a boat load of time you can read meeting abstracts until your brain melts. One of the hottest topics, that just happens to extend beyond haematopoietic stem cells, is the finding of either rare tissue stem cells or progenitor cells in other forms of cancer. The belief is that treating the cancer cells, instead of the drug resistant stem cells that may be the source of the cancer cells, could be why initial responsiveness followed by drug-resistant recurrences is commonly seen. My quest has always sought the illusive therapy that focuses on the stem cells. These therapies are now just leaving the lab. GRN163L does have myeloma stem cell activity which I find very encouraging. I am also touched that my good doc gave me his cell phone number and said call me after I get back from Atlanta. Hope he's not busy... :-)

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