Friday, January 11, 2008

Are You Listening to Music?

My wife just reminded me what my therapist keeps asking me. "Are you listening to music?" I forgot to include it in the LPC123 pre-clinical trial. She sent me a snip it referring to a Cleveland Clinic back pain study. That got wondering about quantitative immune response studies of which I found way to many to reference. In short, music (that you pick is slightly better) can produce significant changes in all kinds of quantifiable immune responses: POMS-scale, CD4+:CD8+ ratio, cortisol, and cortisol:DHEA ratio. "The intervention of music demonstrates communication between the mind and body." [ref] Gee go figure.

I used to play the viola 30 years ago. I bet I could generate some significant immune suppression if I play at the Gilda's wellness group talent show at the end of the month. Then again maybe it would be so hilarious that natural killer cell activity would increase. [ref] There is a great review article on "The Impact of Humor on Patients With Cancer"

Go listen to some music and have a good laugh!


dward lu said...

yes, this is a GREAT idea...I think I'll help pick some tunes too. We'll start with some nice, calming, Striptease Music to begin.... ytl!!

Sunshine said...

With your viola and my oboe we could probably send the whole group into gales of healing laughter.
Nice post, by the way. Don connected the speakers on the stereo; now all we have to do is turn off the TV news.

Margaret said...

Spot on, LPCells! Hey, where have you been? Or rather, where are you? I check your blog every news in a while. Hope all is well,
Margaret :-)
Florence, Italy