Thursday, January 10, 2008

Doc Update

I actually recorded a 30 minute discussion with a dear friend who also happens to be my oncologist Tuesday. That statement alone is very special to me. Of course what we talked about was rather important as well. Despite the expanding hole in my head there is no meaningfully significant indicators of progression. So a bone marrow MRI as well as numerous pre-GRN163L clinical trial pokes, prods and pictures are coming soon. I had an email discussion yesterday about a primary myeloma indicator (myeloma cell protein expression) and how tons of factors which are mostly unknown can effect it. In short it is tough seeing a 1.5 inch hole on an x-ray, balancing that with no other indicators of progression and then going back to living a great life. Heck I played tennis this morning and actually think my day was productive. I just finished a phone interview about Gilda's Club. That got to my bone marrow.

On the purely dry and informative side. I'll be in the second cohort of patients in the clinical trial which starts February 11th. There have already been several significant responders on the GRN163L Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia trial. One individual actually over responded causing tumor lysis (with no lasting complications). Being in the second cohort means I'll be getting a slightly higher dose than the first pioneers. The trial requires a lot of follow up blood work which translates to "waiting around" and several bone marrow taps. They don't seem to bother me so I'm certainly lucky there.

Between now and then I'll be on the LPC123 pre-clinical trial. It involves plenty of Qigong, curcumin, laughing, playing, birthday partying, and a bit of teaching. It is going to be a great semester. Unlike any other I've taught. I'm a different person.


Margaret said...

Hey LPC, I really really like your pre-clinical trial, which happens to be similar to the one that I have been following for quite some time, too! All I can add is: please keep us updated, and may GRN163L annihilate each and every one of your MM stem cells! Yeah!!!!!! In bocca al lupo (that is the Italian for "break a leg"),
Florence, Italy

Anonymous said...

Grn163L is a telomerase inhibitor. Good deal! This guy has a site of studies on known telomerase inhibitors for while you are waiting if appropriate:

Also Johns Hopkins is working with parthenolide and cyclopamine, they were/are part of the GRN163L work on cancer stem cells.

Anonymous said...

I have been doing a lot of research on GRN163L, because I think it could be one of the most promising cancer drugs of all time. I am always looking for any tid bit of information about it's progress both clinical and pre-clinical. Please continue to post any information you may recieve as you move through the trial. I truley hope everything goes well with you and may you be free of MM forever.