Sunday, January 27, 2008

Feeling Rich and Old?

If you happen to be feeling wealthy and old I have something for you to try. The company, Geron Corp., that developed the Telomerase inhibitor GRN163L, (the trial I'm going on), licensed its small molecule Telomerase Activators for non-therapeutic products in the fields of dietary food supplements, nutraceuticals and topically applied cosmetics and cosmeceuticals to Telomerase Activation Sciences, Inc. (TA Sciences). For a measly $2500 you can go to NYC, see a doctor and get a pretty sophisticated lab work up to see if you would like to go on the $22,500/year TA-65 Patton Protocol. That doesn't include the other doctors visits or lab work... "Now aging humans can re-set their cellular clock by activating telomerase, the enzyme responsible for long, healthy telomeres and youthful functioning cells. We are pleased to introduce TA-65, an exclusive telomerase activator that demonstrates measurable and positive anti-aging benefits."

So do I want to age gracefully or get rid of this myeloma? Maybe I can do both? What a quandary. Maybe I'll just buy a new boat for our empty boat lift at camp. Hmm, such wrenching issues.

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Internet Esquire said...

You might be interested in my recent blog post on this topic. Good luck with the clinical trial.