Saturday, January 05, 2008

The Glorious Mundane

For the most part my life is made up of the rather normal mundane aspects of being. Eating, sleeping, cleaning, etc. Truly exceptional experiences are pretty rare, hence the adjective exceptional. When some part of my normality is taken away I find myself readjusting, remaking normal, with a renewed appreciation for what was unnoticed, taken for granted. A side effect of Velcade slowly crept into my sleep over the last month. Restless leg syndrome or in my case more technically termed "Nocturnal Leg Cramps" focused in the calves but present in the thighs and feet to varying degrees. After a few sleepless weeks with countless attempts at relief ranging from prescriptions, supplements, massage, spas and heat packs to exercise to just plan old staying up all night and sleeping during the day I have been sleeping again. Fourteen hours last night - ye ha. Qigong and a walking meditation seem to have helped the most, but like any good scientist I can't say that with much certainty. I haven't taken Velcade in almost a month and maybe time is all I needed. Well whatever the cause the glorious mundane activity of a warm spa followed by a peaceful sleep is absolutely angelic.

May the angels guide, protect and shower you with love tonight. Sweet dreams.


Anonymous said...

I've read your interesting posts on Margaret's blog but I've only just found your own.
I've been chatting to Margaret off-line about various things and I said to her that there's something puzzling me that you might be able to help with.
Would you send me your email address to: please?

As well as Margaret's blog, I've also contributed to cancer compass and there's a thread on there about celiac's and MM you might be interested in.

Best wishes,

LPC's bedmate said...

We had another long, peaceful night with the angels....Words cannot express what it feels like to have him lay next to me purring away. It's the simple things that put our lives back into some sort of perspective - well for today anyways.