Saturday, January 26, 2008

On Vacation

I haven't actually traveled anywhere, but my mind has certainly taken a hike on another trail. Classes started 2 weeks ago along with a pile of other obligations, some exciting, some trying, some mundane. I made a conscious choice to "avoid" myeloma in part because I know once the GRN163L trial starts there will be a potential Roswell Park overload brewing. The clinical trial finally got posted on ID: NCT00594126 The second arm has not "officially" started yet.

In the mean time, Happy Birthday Lu! She is now officially 2 years older than me. Hee Hee Hee. The not so little chillens threw Lu an amazing fondue feast that lasted 3 1/2 hours. I loved the active interactive communal atmosphere. The traditional Swiss "cheesy" part was only served with the pre-dinner bread and veggies. We then moved on to meat and pastas fondued in boiling broths and ended with decadent dark raspberry chocolate dipped fruit. My mouth drools just thinking about it. Another Happy Birthday to my dear friend Barb who will always be younger than me. Humm. I learned at her party from the Oud (lute) player that the word "lute" comes from Arabic العود (al-ʿūd), meaning a thin piece of wood. Before my charming wife took my name she could have been called, Lu Oud, or as we would have called her in grade school, Lulu Lute. She was a very thin little piece of Wood back then.

I started a health and longevity Tai Chi practice which I am finding both subtly difficult and rewardingly therapeutic. A wonderfully relaxing gentle form of exercise. Then there is the Healing Rhythms biofeedback "training for a happy mind and a healthy body." I highly recommend it, especially if you already own the Wild Divine (which I did). Lu borrowed a violin for me from school. I've been fiddling around with that. Boy I suck big time, but I am surely growing lots of new neurons these days.


Margaret said...

Hi LPCells,
First of all, happy birthday to Lu! :-)
Secondly, I'm glad to see you back online. :-)
By the way, you have inspired me to cut back on doing mountains of research and go back to doing some mind and body-related healing. I used to practise both every day after I was diagnosed with MM in late 2005. So, meditation and qigong, here I come!
Please let us know how you do in this trial, eh.
Take care,
Margaret :-)
Florence, Italy

Barb said...

You make me smile!

Come to restorative yoga Friday at YogaMa with Betsy and me...bring Lulu Lute. My fellow aquarian!

Sunshine said...

Hope you'll let us know how the Tai Chi goes. Sweet Pea and I have attended several classes, but Don has not.
But then, without the class, we tend not to keep it up.
Best luck.