Tuesday, February 05, 2008

MM dx

Lu told a story last May at a Gilda's luncheon about that dreaded pea soup fog you find yourself in when hit with a diagnosis like multiple myeloma. My analogy involved getting into the head of happy go lucky squirrel going about his care free life. All is simple, easy and pretty straight forward. Find the nuts, eat the nuts, save some nuts, eat some more nuts, and find another squirrel to make little squirrels with. Bliss. Then one day there is this bizarre out of this world contraption coming at you faster, bigger, louder and scarier than anything has ever been before.

Welcome to your MM diagnosis day. That contraption shows up from time to time. Like during the Superbowl. :-) Now I feel more empathy for the folks around me who still get all freaked out (not that I don't have bad days!)


Margaret said...

Wonderful post, LPC, thanks! And that squirrel commercial gave me such a laugh! Well, a laugh and a tremble (that the squirrel would get run over), that is!
:-) Margaret
Florence, Italy

Anonymous said...

I am really enjoying your blog and want to wish you the best in beating this MM. No doubt, your words are giving a lot of hope to other patients who are counting on GRN 163L to be the answer. Will be looking forward to all your posts and especially to the one that says you are on the mend.

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