Sunday, February 17, 2008

Relationships, Experiences and Time

Just what is it that make one feel fulfilled? I noticed that as I have aged that has changed, but there are a few steadfast somewhat philosophical descriptors that keep popping up. Friends are almost always involved. We tend to be experiencing life with an enhanced richness, even if circumstances are rather mundane. Solitary creativity pops up, but rarely in total isolation. Sharing that pathetic scratchy twinkle twinkle little star with my friends added immensely to the experience of learning to play the violin (all over again after 30 years). There has been a morphing through acquisition, accomplishment, and spirituality into relationships and experiences.

Given time, which implies a certain level of financial security to not have to "work" so much just to eat and sleep that you can't have relationships and experiences, you are left with potential. What is it that tips potential toward manifestation? Why do I so often stumble on happiness? Why is it after half a century fulfillment feels elusive? Are folks in the happiest countries (1. Denmark, 2. Switzerland, 3. Austria, 4. Iceland, 5. The Bahamas, 6. Finland, 7. Sweden, 8. Bhutan, 9. Brunei, 10. Canada [ref, see also]) living a more fulfilling life? They do tend to be healthier, more educated and wealthier than less happy peoples. but they are less preoccupied with the pursuit of happiness. Maybe the pursuit itself instills a state of lack or wanting which robs one of the state of being or knowing happiness. I have never visited several of the top 10. I am looking forward sharing a few adventure rich with experiences with my best friend, Lu!!

Here are a few internet experiences people shared with me this week. This will spark a smile and warm your curiosity in the world we share Gorillas in a Tryst. This will make you laugh (if you grew up in the US during the 70's: Great Olan Mills photos If you happen to live in Florence (hint hint Margaret - get it with Chili powder!) you might want to experience an incredible cup of Vestri hot chocolate. (Borgo Albizi, 11r, Tel: 055-234-0374) Lu and I shared a mock up on Tuesday at Pano's on Elmwood Ave. [recipe] Go listen to some music with a friend while on route to yet another great experience, maybe some nice hot chocolate on a blustery winter day.


Margaret said...

Hey LPC! Before checking out your links, I would like to comment that there is better chocolate (MUCH MUCH better!) here than Vestri, for instance, Slitti ( I actually don't care for Vestri (sorry! Are we still friends?). Well, when you two come to Florence, I will just have to take you on a chocolate tour. Tuscany is Chocolate Valley, you know. Don't believe me? Google it! ;-)
Interesting post, by the way. I agree that one shouldn't pursue happiness. Pointless.
After my diagnosis in 2005, I slowed down a bit. Now I find happiness even in small things (well, in big ones, too, but the small things occur more frequently): my cats, my husband (also my best friend), a bee buzzing around my yard...the enjoyment of little things/events is what life is all about. Ok, I will stop here before I ramble on too much! ;-)
Take care, Margaret
Florence, Italy

Margaret said...

Okay, I felt terrible at having poopooed Vestri chocolate (Danielo Vestri, by the way, is not from Florence but from Arezzo, a lovely city about 45 mins from here), so I came back with a peace offering: Enjoy!
Florence, Italy

Sunshine said...

Most of those countries with the happy people are SMALL, compared with the United States. Not sure what that means, but diversity and poverty are much larger issues here.
Scrambling for health care does infringe on happiness here, I think.
What I have read of your posts seem to reflect a cheerful person!

L.P. Cells said...

I obviously have never been to Italy, let alone Florence, but I do know of your Chocolate expeditions. The glutenous hoards I so envy. I'll also bet that Pano's doesn't even use as fine a collection of ingredients as Vestri, so a Chocolate expedition with a New World novice is in your future!!! Mmmm the simple pleasures of fantasy, hope and excitement.