Saturday, February 23, 2008

Weird Gadgets

Lu stumbled across a jab at the worst gadgets to clutter your life with:

Camping Ice Cream Maker

Do you use an ice cream maker at home? Then why would you need one in the woods? If you're going to make ice cream while camping, you're going to have to lug a 5 lb. bag of ice, cream and sugar into the forest. Where will you get those things? The same store that sells Ben and Jerry's. $24.95 from

I actually like REI, more so 30 years ago when it was a real co-op instead of another yuppie gear store. The absurdity of lugging the raw materials into the woods gave us a good laugh. We did a lot of pathetic ill prepared aborted camping in our youth.

What I need is the Tank Chair to get into the woods.

Tank Chair

Finally, a wheelchair fit for the Popular Mechanics reader. Those wishing to turn themselves into human-powered Mars Rovers should be able to pick up this track-powered behemoth later this month ... for a hefty $15,000.

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