Saturday, March 01, 2008

A Prayer and a Dream

This morning as I stirred Lu from a late morning slumber with gentle nuzzles and a few pokes and prods I asked "Is there anything I can do to make you happy?" She replied "Ya, tell me your cured and give me back those dreams."

"Sure no problem. The GRN163L took care of the myeloma. I just have to go back for a few more weeks to prove it. You'll notice how great I feel and pleased I am. Shall we do some dreaming?"

That led to many laughs and lots of scheming and fantasizing about dreams and how to realize them.

The gory details of the first week involve mostly emotional trauma. Going back to Roswell every day except Thursday was more ominous than I expected. Lots of pokes, pissing and a bone marrow aspirate. On infusion day they took about 360 cc (1.5 cups) of blood over about 4 1/2 hours. No, none, zilch, zip, nada side effects!


Margaret said...

Hi there! I have been missing your posts!
Glad to read that you have had no side effects. When do you get your first set of results? Do keep us posted, please!
Take care, and let's all keep dreaming!
Florence, Italy

Sunshine said...


spence said...

Please let me know of your progress w/ GRN163L or if you hear of any other patients experience w/ it. I'm reviewing a lot of information for my father. Please feel free to email w/ any details or information you think someone considering this therapy should know to

Anonymous said...

shuts down glycolysis, when you inhibit telomerase, and kills them or even perhaps normalizes them to some extent, (Mohammed Kashani-Sabet UCSF) Makes cancer cells obey the hayflick limit and so die, should also prevent the switching of 217 genes to cancer mode per work by Elizabeth Blackburn, she mentions that when the RNA template of telomerase doesn't exist, or in this case has a big GRN163L firmly latched to the template, massive gene switching of 217 nasty genes doesnt occur, search for "Elizabeth Blackburn webcast" on google to hear her lecture.
another good thing is that the cancer isn't likely to adapt to this therapy, because it is a knife into the cancers stemlike heart. My sincere hopes that the drug works as designed. Watch for the signs of tumor lysis syndrome, too many bad cells dying too fast for the liver and kidneys to handle. Live long and prosper.
Jesus Ochoa

Anonymous said...

and in the unlikely event it doesn't work, look at the work on sodium dichloroacetate at the U of Alberta by Dr. Evangelos Mikelakis, cheap, easy to make, unpatentable drug, some manageable side effects. Drug co's won't finance the studies as patent ran out, so people are funding it for Mikelakis, and others doing their own trial.
The drug, convets cancer cells which run on glycolysis, to normal mitochondrial metabolism of sugar, something oncology has taught was impossible. GRN163L should stop glycolysis too according to Sabet and Blackburn et al.

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Should work )))