Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Green side of GRN

Just how green can a drug be? Well I suppose there is the broader environmental aspects which unfortunately I have no clue about. That question does make me wonder just how much carbon is generated in bringing me GRN163L. I bet it isn't negligible.

On a more personal note I can speak to the slight green tinge my GI system has developed. Unfortunately when you get a sour stomach there is a link made between the environment and the feeling with one of the strongest connections being that of smell. However unfortunate that link might be, it probably has kept us (humans) alive by steering us away from things that smell of stuff that made us sick in the past. I still steer clear anything that smells like gin 30 some years after it made me deathly ill :-). Now I have this revulsion associated with the smells in the infusion clinic. Not such a pleasant feeling to look forward to every week.

The new clinical trials wing at Roswell smells, looks and feels totally different though. It was wonderful. A nice cushy chair big enough for Lu and I to snuggle up in and watch a movie on my laptop in. I got up early the next day and went and played tennis. All my shots were well inside the green boundary. (In my fantasy world at least!)

My LDH (a test which monitors tissue damage in the body and its progress) has been creeping up slowly. For now I'm going with the green theory - the GRN is making fertilizer with my myeloma cells. It also appears to be making a bit of fertilizer with all the cells in my blood as well. That's not necessary.

That vibrant spring green is everywhere these days. Early March hang on until a couple weeks ago and gave way to May a bit early. I have never seen snow drops, crocus', daffodils, tulips and lilacs all in bloom at the same time. It's really green here - all the sudden.

This Tuesday will be my 12th week of GRN. Along with that comes a bunch of response marker tests. I'll let you know what I learn later in the week. Till then think green and walk somewhere just for the heck of it.


Anonymous said...

...besides Green being your favorite color, there's also that healthy Green Goddess you love...

in a (Champion) Juicer put:

2 Celery Sticks
1/2 English Cuke
3 Granny Smith Apples
Couple Slices of Ginger

then in the Blender:

Add the above ingredients with a handfull of Parsley, 2 Spinach Leaves and 1 tablespoon of Spirulina. Blend at high speed until frothy....WOW!

YTL :)

Sunshine said...

Just wanting to say best wishes!

Anonymous said...

Best wishes indeed.
Keep the faith!

Margaret said...

Hi LPC, I read that it takes quite some time to get the evil MM stem cells, so that could be part of the reason you are not seeing immediate results, but you probably know all this already so I will shut up! ;-)

Anyway, a slow but sure improvement sounds good to me. As does your upcoming holiday in Oregon!

I wanted to add my best wishes (and those of the 26,000 puffins I saw in Northumberland, wowie!) to the ones written above.

Take care!
Florence, Italy

Anonymous said...

Just came across this website yesterday....Wish you all the best....Looking forward for some positive news.

Anonymous said...

Check out "crazy sexy cancer"...a woman with 4th stage liver cancer going through alternative treatments. She says she has never been this healthy!!! Love to you both.

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