Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Egg Shells are Fragile

I had jumped ship on the GRN trial one week ago and had already gotten my mind around a major MM drug free summer holiday. My blood counts were starting to plummet and the 20 weekly infusions had started to make me freakier than I already am. I got a unit of Lu's blood, thank you very much, and then noticed I needed more shoes and my hair looked a bit gray.

With a hemoglobin approaching 10 I packed up a tote full of low key projects for camp all psyched for a relaxing weekend. A bit after 6 AM I go down to the dock with my camera to snap some sun rise photos. Unfortunately with one hand on each side if my kayak I learned my left humerus was just not strong enough to support lowering my fat ass into the seat... Of course I thought the dock broke - it sounded like it. The dock is fine.

The rest is a story of shock, pain and ER waiting. Today I am getting another unit of blood in prep for a new titanium humerus tomorrow at 3 PM. Then I get to irradiate it to cook the MM cells. I'll do my best at keeping everyone up to date. Remember I suck at one finger typing and can't be held responsible what I say, think or do while zonked on pain meds.

If you have any suggestions fire away.



Chris said...

Sorry to hear about your humerus, but I am glad to see you are still in good humor.

Do you plan to rejoin the GRN trial in the fall?

Anonymous said...

We're hanging on your every message, not only because of the Geron trial but because we have acquired a real appreciation for what you're going through. Your bittersweet humor comes through. Rest now and enjoy the drugs, but do get back to us.

Margaret said...


As I wrote to you yesterday, take good care of that humorous of yours, and keep us updated! Good luck with surgery today. Zap those blasted cells for good!

Sending you both my very best and fondest wishes,

Florence, Italy

Anonymous said...

Good luck Scott. I broke my ankle 5 years ago playing football (soccer to you). I will never forget the shock of my legs going in opposite directions and sitting on one of them. The sound of the bone cracking will also inhabit my nightmares for ever.
I hope your operation is a complete success and the titanium arm is better than ever. My ankle took about 6 weeks to heal and 6 months to get right (without an operation). Hopefully you'll soon be as good as new.

Ken said...

I'm traveling around the midwest andthinking of you and hope that they get back and finish setting your arm.
Looking forward to sitting on your porch and continuing to figure out life next Saturday at Rushford. I'll be back in Rochester on Wednesday night and am available to come over anytime after that if necessary.

Your physics challenged buddy

Anonymous said...

I too have myeloma. Temorarily off cancer meds due to peripheral neurology due to Thalidomide. Soon I expect to be given a new medicine or a lower dose.

Very interested in GRN163L. Did you mean that you quit the clinical test permanently or just that you are in between dosage series?