Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Just the Boring Facts

I have received numerous inquiries about my experience with GRN163L. Unfortunately my MM did progress toward the end of the 20 weeks I was on the trial. I withdrew from the trial and was looking forward to a drug free escape for the rest of the summer. It is obvious that a significant part of the disease progress occurred in my left humerus. I now have a nice titanium spike in my arm. To eliminate some the healing competition I immediately started radiation treatment to kill off the MM tumor near the break. Just the left humerus and rotator cuff area are getting zapped.

Next is a Rev/low dose dex regimen scheduled to start in early September. The durability of which may be affected by the GRN163L therapy. Remember GRN is not an anti-tumor agent. It is an anti-MM stem cell agent. It is assumed the MM stem cell is a very small portion of the tumor burden. Only time will tell.

Remember Spiderman has radioactive blood...


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your doing Good !!
I bet you don't even know how much they talk about you on the Yahoo Message board for Geron corporation. All these stock traders are looking for any sign that GRN163L works and they see you as an indicator. They even call you by the acronym "LPC" blogger.
Such a hoot !!!!
Good luck

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you have seen this article Scott but it looks as if it could be a very promising method of preventing bone damage.

Hope your recovery is going well.

Best wishes,
Paul K

Don said...

I do hope that the longer term proves that the stem cells got cancelled!


Margaret said...

Hey Spidey, super bummer that you had to withdraw from the GRN163L trial, but I am sure glad you are OK now.

My endocrinologist is a big believer in vitamin D (the kind that doesn't increase blood calcium levels, which is a no-no for us, of course) to keep our bones strong and better able to fight off the MM now and in the future. What she said made total sense to me. So if you aren't taking any D, how about discussing this option with your doc?

Anyway, I am super glad to have you back online!

Hugs from the worry wart in Italy (back from Burgundy, hic!, ;-)),
Margaret :-)

Aunt Janet said...

I love you. Terry Melore just asked for your blog. she sends good thoughts also. Love, Aunt Janet

Aunt Janet said...

Oh yes, forgot to tellyou that I am as fat and happy as ever. Love and hugs

Pat Killingsworth said...

A friend of mine who is also a Myeloma survivor just underwent the same surgery for his broken arm. Loren is a twelve year survivor! Hope that all is going well for you- Pat