Monday, September 15, 2008

Humorous Message Boards

I get such a kick out of folks on the Geron Yahoo Message Board speculating about their stock’s prospects from a humor oriented blog. If you go to the message board and search for LPC there is more humor to be found there than in this drool. I got the biggest kick out of speculations like: “LPC has left the trial and is on the verge of death… LPC is DYING and you can see it on his blog…” In all fairness it is certainly true that I will die some day. I wonder how many of these folks I’ll outlive though. I also don’t think there is any question that my disease progressed while I was on the trial. Bone marrow MRIs done pre & post trial indicated a change in “involvement of the central bone marrow with multiple myeloma” from “30-40%” to “more than 50%” respectively. From the response markers (M-spike, Serum FLC expression, 24 hr Urine FLC/PEP & skeletal survey) monitored on the trial I had stable disease (less than 25% variation) until the last cycle. I was playing tennis 3 days a week until I busted my arm, which in hind sight was not so shocking. I have known about the condition of my humerus for almost 3 years. It still hurt and clearly caught me off guard.

I have to admit that Securities Fraud never crossed my mind until posts like “Anybody who references LPC is a Pump and Dump Scammer” got me thinking about pumping and dumping. If an idiot like me could pump and dump a stock then there is clearly either a lot of other idiots out there or a bunch of stock holders that don’t do very sound research on their investments.

No I have never got a call from a lawyer telling me to shut up, thank you very much. I'll bet the Geron lawyers are not idiots.

Still Smiling,



Chris said...

What do you mean by "until the last cycle"?

Do you mean through the last cycle, or did something change during the last cycle?


L.P. Cells said...

Prior to my last cycle my response indicators placed me in the stable disease category. I received 6 (3 week each) full cycles of GRN with a 1 week vacation between cycles 4 and 5. On calendar week 20 I withdrew consent. labs drawn at the end of the 6th cycle placed me in the progressive disease category due to a 78% Urine M spike increase (to 40 mg/dL) from baseline. If I had not withdrawn it is my understanding that protocol dictated that I would have been withdrawn due to progressive disease.
I guess that means that during the last cycle I progressed. Nothing else changed as far as I know. Some of the side effects (low blood counts) were getting the best of me and I just sick of going to chemo every week.

Anonymous said...

So you're the one causing all this market turmoil :-)

More seriously, does GRN cause all stem cells to differentiate into plasma cells like cyclopamine? Could that have accounted for the rise in your m-spike?

Finally re: reports of your demise being premature; you might be interested to know that my great grandad had Bell's Palsey when he was still in his forties. The doctor came and, with no great charm, told my gran she wouldn't need to wash any more shirts for him. Well, great grand-daddy went and outlived that doctor by about 30 years. Go forth and do likewise Spidey.

All the best,
Paul K

Anonymous said...

Three Cheers LPC Blogger !!!
from the Yahoo MSG board

Margaret said...

Hi LPC, some Geron bloggers (dander, e.g.) have even questioned your very existence! Freaky! I wonder why they care so much...hmmm. It reminds me a bit of programs like "Gerry Springer" where the audience gets totally involved in the wacky problems of complete strangers, so I guess it's not that surprising...

Well, the main thing is that you get a kick out of it and keep smiling. And, above all, do what Paul wrote! Gooooo, Spidey!

A big Spidey fan
Florence, Italy

P.S. ah, btw, for what it's worth, I KNOW you are REAL! In case you begin having doubts about that or something...(teehee) :-)

Anonymous said...

Moved my entire fortune from Geron to Marvel Comics. I noticed a spike in their stock price on August 13, 2008.
Best Regards,
Yagi Master