Sunday, September 07, 2008

I'm Back

The door is closed on the humerus radiation.

The next day I moved on to Carson Mineral Hot Springs Spa for several days of glorious pampering with lots of mineral baths and body raps and a few tailored massages to help with the tension of being "one armed."

It was 107 F (42 C) so we went to a snow fed swimming hole, Dog Creek Falls. I can't imagine going near that water if it wasn't so darn hot out.

On the way to the Oregon coast we stopped at Multnomah Falls.

The Oregon Coast was glorious as always. We spent 5 days right on the Pacific in a huge house with Lu's immediate family (Ma and all her sisters and their families). It was a wonderful family reunion. We got to escape to walk the tide pools, watch the whales, and do a bit of bird watching.

Right in the middle of it all Lu and I renewed our vows in a heartfelt ceremony at Unity by the Sea in Glendeden Beach.

We flew back just in time for the fall semester to start and a mad rush to submit a NSF proposal. For the geeks in the crowd we do fluid flow investigations using holographic imaging techniques - need I say more?

On the MM front my blood bounced back from an 8.1 hemoglobin to an 11.8 while I was vacationing! Yea ha. My humerus has healed remarkably well according to the x-rays (and the surgeon I met with this afternoon).

I started Rev/dex today. Maybe all this hemoglobin, dex and good news is why I have so much more energy than usual!?

I'm anxiously hoping the GRN will really begin showing it's colors now. A nice long lasting (40 year) remission :-)


Anonymous said...

Great to hear you're feeling better, and with lab results to support it.

howdy said...

kick this diseases arss

howdy said...

please excuse the language

Margaret said...

Hey LPC!

Glad to read that you guys are back. Great photos.

This evening I will drink to (at least) a 40 year remission for you!

Florence, Italy

Anonymous said...

Great stuff Spidey.
Loved the photos.
I had 3 months in the Pacific north west in the 80's and loved it.
Not sure about 42deg C though. It's 17C here in not so sunny old England at the moment.

Sunshine said...

I love the Oregon coast! Nice way to celebrate.

Here's to 40 year remission.