Thursday, December 04, 2008

Ups and Downs

Slowly but surely my MM protein expression is dying off. That's a good thing! Three cycles and three quarters gone. (another 30% reduction) I like that. The bionic arm is slowly learning to act human. The semester is quickly coming to an end and my Christmas cheer is all the more enhanced by the good news. We are minimalist when it comes to Christmas consumption, but I do love the new smells, music and festive lights. I get to dress up as a gingerbread man and act like a cheerful dork Friday. That aught to help my spirit. I guess a picture is in order.

My dear friend Sue who has graced me with her love and compassion, who has inspired me with her courage and perseverance passed away early yesterday morning at Hospice Buffalo. May your journey be filled with passion and love and guided by the grace of God. Here she is with that infectious smile in the Gilda's library. Peace be with you.

Protein expression going down perks me up as does Sue's smile, her memory and the fondness of all that support she brought the Wednesday evening Gilda's Wellness Group.

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Margaret said...

Super happy to hear about your 30% reduction, LPC, but sorry at the same time to hear about your friend. Eh.

Take care!
Florence, Italy