Friday, January 30, 2009


We adopted a stray that took up residence under our porch a while ago. She is a beautiful extremely thin caramel calico in perfect health (according to the vet). She had a chip that complicated matters as the vet had to contact the registered owners while we waited oh so patiently with Hope still on the porch. (We didn't want to expose Marley to a possibly sick cat and didn't want to incur a vet bill for someone else's). I'm actually not a cat lover - just a lover of my cats. Cats tend to scare me a bit until I get to know them. Being a rural farm land kid most cats I encountered were not interested in being my friend and would let me know it, rather unexpectedly, in that lightning fast cat kind of way.

Hope now smells like she just got home from the salon, but is still clearing some of the under the porch dust from her sinuses. A nice juxtaposition. No AIDs, Leukemia, fleas or parasites, just under weight and ever so slightly frost bitten.

Our family has a "Bob" cat theme with a Dylan, Marley and now Hope. Bob Hope lived to 100 so some of that fortitude must have been passed on to our Hope (or at least that is hopefully true).

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Margaret said...

As you know, I am a HUGE cat lover living with 4 cats (and always ready to adopt another one!), so I am always happy to hear that a lost or stray kitty has found a good loving home.

You didn't tell us what Hope's original owners told the vet, but I can imagine what that would have been, since you have adopted her. How can people do things like that? It happens so often here in many pets get abandoned before the summer holidays. Most of them meet a cruel fate. To help curb this horrible practice, many Italian hotels accept pets, now. But it continues...

Anyway, I hope Hope (!) gets along with Marley (make sure you make the proper introductions or you might be sorry...I have a file on how to do that, if you'd like it, just let me know!).

Cheers to growing families! :-)
Florence, Italy