Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'll Take "Better"

Well as I predicted... Summer has officially arrived and so did the lab results from my 10th Revlimid cycle. "Better" without supplements despite a strong correlation with supplements in the prior 5 cycles. So would you spend the $4 bucks a day on those 2 dozen pills? If a few numbers and a single point of measurement were all that was needed to define success or failure life would be a lot simpler. Heck we wouldn't even need clinical trials at all. I do have to admit that I expected the trend to continue, but "Better" is better than worse even if not living up to my biases. 30% better is 50% better than 2 months ago - that almost looks like a trend.

The fireflies are out in force here in western NY. Before the farmer mows the hay field by the house driving into it is like magic. Right at eye level there is a sea of swimming lights in all directions. A bit of light no matter how small can bring a smile to my face.


Margaret said...

Well, I too am very happy that you got a "better" result rather than a "worse" one, even if it may discredit your theory (note my use of the conditional tense...!).
Trends in the right direction are always super good news, whatever the reason!
I'll take "better," too!
Ciao! :-)
Florence, Italy

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Anonymous said...

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